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- if you enter a panorama space,either pick that panorama or pick a cherry tree worth 2 points and 1 coin - if you enter a hot spring space,either pick the hot spring or pay 1 coin to pick a bath house tile worth 4 points - if you enter a souvenir shop,either buy souvenir as usual or get 1 legendary item instead,there are 6 items of 3 kinds,type 1 is worth 1 point for every souvenir and cost 1 coin,type 2 cost 2 coin and count as a family of his own (so if you have a full set already it's worth 9 point) and type 3 give cost 3 coins and give you 8 points straight - if you enter a farm you can go instead to a gambling house,bet 2 coins and throw a dice... the dice is either 0x 1x 2x 3x or 4x so you either lose 2 coins,gain 0 coins,gain 2 coin,gain 4 coin or gain 6 coins - if you enter a temple you can pay 1 coin for an amulet of your choice,amulet effect include

1) if you get the lead,get another turn 2) get a free meal 3) get both choice when you enter a space 4) throw the gamble dice and get coin equal to the value 5) get to a space occupied by another player 6) coin spent on an item go to the temple instead (you still get the item)

- if you enter an encounter space you can get a caligraphy item instead which scores point at the end of the game depending on how you play,these include

1) score 3 point for every skipped meal 2) score 2 point for every coin unspent you have in the end 3) score 3 point for every completed panorama and 1 point for every cherry tree 4) score 2 point per legendary item and 1 point for every souvenir 5) score 6 point if you are the last to arrive at the final inn,4 point if you are the second to last player and 2 point in the other case's 6) score 2 point per accomplishment and 1 point for every caligraphy item

to complete it all there are 6 new travelers

1) the yakuza - 5 coins - everytime he arrives on one of the three inn he can bet a single coin to the gambling house 2) the gourmet - 2 coins - he scores point equal to the price of the meal he eats 3) the old lady - 4 coins - when she stops on an encounter space,she can get both the encounter AND the caligraphy item 4) the superstitious woman - 4 coins - when she stops on a temple space,she can both donate coin to the temple AND buy an amulet 5) the kid - 3 coins - when he arrives on one of the three inn he gets a free souvenir 6) the souvenir seller - 0 coins - when he stops at a panorama he gets one cointeasel

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