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Can't Stop is a very easy and fast game!

How to play

Roll 4 standard dice and then choose the sums of any 2 dice to advance your position on the board. You are allowed to use 3 temporary markers to track your progress in columns marked 2 through 12. These markers are commonly white or black. You can continue to roll the dice hoping to roll one of the previous combinations in the three columns selected this turn. When you think you've pushed your luck far enough you say "STOP" then pass the dice to the next player and replace the white markers with your own. If you roll the dice and find no useful combination you fail and your progress is lost. The more common numbers on 2d6 (6,7 and 8) have more steps in their paths while the less common combinations (2 and 12) have less.

The object of the game is to reach and cover 3 peaks of these columns!